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*New* FYEO Episode [Available to Preview]

Jeopardy! champ, "Watson" (center)

Veteran news reporter, David Alpern, has asked me to co-host another episode of the former ‘Newsweek On-Air’ radio newsmagazine! So be sure to check out today’s “For Your Ears Only” podcast via iTunes. Check your local NPR listings for the broadcast in your area.

Today’s show highlights the latest developments on the turmoil in Libya, implications from the Wisconsin union protests, how technology is running (or ruining) our lives, and new medical advancements on migraines — this as a TV reporter suffered a rare, severe migraine “Aura” during a live shot which left her speaking gibberish on-air!

Also keep checking this blog for a new, upcoming episode of StereoType — a 30-minute new music preview of online musicians to keep an eye out for!


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