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So Is a ‘Good Man’ Hard To… (De)fine?

Click here for the latest episode of David Alpern‘s “For Your Ears Only,” which aired nationwide on the radio this past weekend. I was excited to co-host this particular episode because I was given the assignment to write a segment about an online magazine called, “The Good Men Project.”

To hear that segment, click here.

The Good Men Project is a media alternative to traditional perceptions of what constitutes and defines a man [think anti-GQ/Details/Esquire, or even Sports Illustrated]. This movement offers up a glimpse into the world of the “enlightened masculinity.” There’s also an associated book published under The Good Men Foundation, a nonprofit that donates book proceeds to the Boys and Girls Clubs and other charities.

I had never heard of this project before. But after reading a few posts, I was impressed with some of its content.

I mean — check out some of the post titles: “All I See Are White Men:” Confronting Racism in Silicon Valley,” “Non-Monogamy,” and two of my personal favorite posts: “Mostly Straight, Most of the Time,” and “The New Macho.” The last two posts address a topic similar to a post I had written on my personal blog last year which featured the rugby legend, Gareth Thomas: “The Courage of a Real Man: Defy StereoTypes.”

Tom Matlack is co-founder of “The Good Men Project” online magazine at, whose latest issue features the Occupy VC argument — the story primarily covered on David’s radio show.

As I continued to read through several posts on “The Good Men Project,” I couldn’t help but remember an incident that happened to me about three years ago. Back in 2008, I went with a group of (gay male) friends to see the film, “Sex and The City.” Immediately after the movie ended, I almost wanted to throw up! I began thinking to myself — “Eddie, you’re gay, aren’t you supposed to love this movie and go completely bizarre over the story lines and fashions of Carrie and Samantha and all the rest of those characters who I seriously couldn’t attempt to name right now!?” Low and behold, I walked away from the theater incredibly depressed and actually kind of disgusted.

Afterwards, we all went out for dinner and I remember exclaiming at the table, “Why can’t there be a film FOR men — I mean, real men? Why can’t men feel good about themselves?” And the 3 of them looked at me like, “Hmmm, Eddie, that’s a thought… but that’s why we have therapy — anyway, pass the guacamole.”

Well, fast-forward to present-day, it feels amazingly refreshing to read stories and comments from The Good Men Project about the complexities of men. The site discusses issues related to race, family, gender, and sexuality — subject matter I think about mentally but perhaps I try to avoid talking about openly.

Matlack recently made a comment in one of his interviews stating, “Men are not Bud Light commercials.” Although Bud Light [Lime] is actually the only beer I’ll drink, I get where he’s coming from. Men are as complicated, if not more complicated, than women. But Tom’s statement impacts advertisers. For instance, there are whiskey ads on “The Good Men Project,” but no beer — so I’m curious as to how other advertisers have reacted to his project’s perspective, ‘Good Men’s’ level of growth, and how they’ve been able to measure their success.

Unfortunately, the length of the FYEO segment only allowed us to talk very briefly about the Occupy VC story and the origins of the project.

I’m sure we’ll continue to hear more about The Good Men Project as well as its provocative ideology known as the new ‘Manhood Movement’ in the very near future!

Thanks again to David Alpern for bringing this project to my attention. I’ll be co-hosting FYEO with him throughout the remainder of the month, so stay tuned.

Arab Spring’s Future in the ‘Fall’ (of Gaddafi) [*New* FYEO Download]

This weekend, I’ll be co-hosting the news radio magazine, “For Your Ears Only,” which will air locally this Sunday morning on AM820 WNYC and in nearly 200 other countries nationwide and around the globe! This show, formerly ‘Newsweek On-Air,’ can also be heard as a downloadable podcast.

For this episode, we speak with Jane Eisner, editor of The Forward, to discuss recent implications of the Israeli-Palestinian prisoner swap and how the Middle East plans to move forward after the death of Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi.

We’ll also connect with a former CIA-insider, Professor Paul Pillar; award-winning documentarian/author Barbra Gordon — “I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can (1982),” TV vet and co-founder of Premier Digital Publishing, Daniel Tibbets; and singer/songwriter, Amanda McBroom — who shares an interesting story about how she came to write the song, “The Rose,” a track made famous by Bette Midler, who performed it in the 1979 movie.

A special shout-out to veteran journalist, David Alpern, who serves as host of the show and has worked on the program for nearly 30 years! Thank you so much for the opportunity to join your team of co-hosts and I’m thrilled to be a part of the broadcast!

Eddie on FYEO, NPR and WNYC Radio!

The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space

Be sure to catch me all this month (April) as I co-host with David Alpern for the weekly podcast show, “For Your Ears Only (On-Air),” formerly Newsweek On-Air. FYEO airs at various times across the country each Sunday in dozens of markets, including stations in Washington D.C., San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Dallas, as well as in Hong Kong and 177 countries served by the Pentagon’s American Forces Radio Network.

Also, I’d like to thank the producers, engineers, and editors of NPR’s ‘Studio 360‘ for a great feature on R&B singer, Marsha Ambrosius. Another Marsha news feature for WNYC Radio aired locally this morning during “Morning Edition” and will continue throughout the day on 93.9 FM, AM820, and online at

And speaking of WNYC, shout-outs to Indira Etwaroo and Terrance McKnight for inviting me as a guest judge for Battle of the Boroughs! Every first Friday of the month (until June), WNYC’s The Greene Space — a spectacular performance venue — presents, “Battle of the Boroughs,” an exclusive showcase of up-and-coming performers in New York City. This past Friday featured artists representing The Bronx!

I served as commentator for the ‘Queens’ Battle in March and thought I had seen it all. I was wrong! The Bronx was unbelievable! Every band and solo artist really delivered! Check out the video!

So be sure to read more about the ‘Battle of the Boroughs’ contest and prepare yourselves for the ‘Ultimate Battle’ on June 17th at The Greene Space in Soho, NY!

*New* FYEO Episode [Available to Preview]

Jeopardy! champ, "Watson" (center)

Veteran news reporter, David Alpern, has asked me to co-host another episode of the former ‘Newsweek On-Air’ radio newsmagazine! So be sure to check out today’s “For Your Ears Only” podcast via iTunes. Check your local NPR listings for the broadcast in your area.

Today’s show highlights the latest developments on the turmoil in Libya, implications from the Wisconsin union protests, how technology is running (or ruining) our lives, and new medical advancements on migraines — this as a TV reporter suffered a rare, severe migraine “Aura” during a live shot which left her speaking gibberish on-air!

Also keep checking this blog for a new, upcoming episode of StereoType — a 30-minute new music preview of online musicians to keep an eye out for!

Eddie Robinson on Newsweek Radio Show

This morning on WNYC Radio, the news radio magazine, “For Your Ears Only,” highlighted the latest developments on the uprising in Egypt, Obama’s “State of the Union” address and the GOP, what led to the global financial crisis of 2008, plus previews for the Oscar’s and this year’s Sundance film entries.

You can also take a listen to the show as a podcast: conduct a “Newsweek” search in iTunes, then in the podcast section, click on the 1/30 episode of “For Your Ears Only.”

A special thanks to David Alpern and WNYC colleague, Isaac-Davy Aronson, for the opportunity to co-host the show this weekend!


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